Matt Winn

Au.D., Ph.D.

University of




Welcome to my website! Here you can find information about my research related to hearing and speech science / audiology.


I am an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota in the department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences, in Minneapolis MN.

Currently, I direct the Listen Lab, which is aimed at understanding speech communication and what makes it difficult for people with hearing loss.

At the University of Maryland, I obtained a Doctor of Audiology and a Ph.D., working with Monita Chatterjee (Hearing and Speech sciences) and Bill Idsardi (Linguistics). I was then an audiologist at the VA hospital in Washington, DC, where I completed my clinical audiology training. During graduate school, I worked as a linguist/phonetician at CASL – the Center for Advanced Study of Language, where I focused on the acoustics of Mandarin and Vietnamese speech so that we could help train Americans to communicate better while overseas.

After graduate school, I did my postdoctoral training at the Waisman Center, which is a multidisciplinary hub of amazing clinical research. I primarily worked with Ruth Litovsky (binaural hearing extraordinaire) and Jan Edwards (wizard of developmental speech perception).

For three years I was an assistant professor at the University of Washington before relocating to Minnesota.

Along the way I have collected long string of friends, collaborators, mentors, kindred spirits, and supporters who have lifted me to the place I am today :)