Matt Winn

Au.D., Ph.D.

University of




Welcome to my website! Here you can find information about my research related to hearing and speech science / audiology.


I am an assistant professor at the University of Washington, in Seattle WA.

Currently, I maintain the Listen Lab at the University of Washington, in Seattle WA. We have a small team of people with various training backgrounds coming together to try to challenges in communication faced by people with hearing loss.

My training mostly occurred at the University of Maryland, where I obtained a Doctor of Audiology and a Ph.D., working with Monita Chatterjee (Hearing and Speech sciences) and Bill Idsardi (Linguistics). I was an audiologist at the VA hospital in Washington, DC, where I completed my clinical audiology training. During graduate school, I worked as a linguist/phonetician at CASL – the Center for Advanced Study of Language, where I focused on the acoustics of Mandarin and Vietnamese speech.

After graduate school, I did my postdoctoral training at the Waisman Center, which is a multidisciplinary hub of amazing clinical research. I primarily worked with Ruth Litovsky (binaural hearing extraordinaire) and Jan Edwards (wizard of developmental speech perception). I also had an affiliation with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Surgery.


Later this year, I will be joining the faculty at the University of Minnesota.